I’m a 20-something year old yogi, learning to balance my health, fitness, social life and work, all while living on a budget. Last year I had a dream of escaping my daily routine to eat and hike my way around the world and in December I packed my bags and left on another adventure.

Like most, I am trying to figure out what I want from life. I left school thinking I wanted a “glamorous” job.  I wanted to climb corporate ladders so I could buy a big house with a pool and a fancy car. My time at university taught me so much about myself, I discovered a new appreciation for people, cultures and nature. Now with two degrees under my belt and a whole lot of student debt, I crave minimalism; a simple life with flexibility. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in hard work, but living a balanced life where I can wake up honestly excited for the day ahead has taken priority.

I discovered my passion for living more mindfully through yoga. I was stressed and exhausted, trying to find ways to cope through my honours dissertation. I was constantly competing with myself. I thought hard work meant working all day every day. Now as I continue to grow as a person, I begin to appreciate myself more and have learnt that it is ok to stop, notice and take in my surroundings. I think that is what life is about, learning to appreciate the world around us and love ourselves for who we are.

But life isn’t all sunshine and daisies, I have struggles, I can’t motivate myself to put on my workout gear and move. I have to force myself out of bed some mornings and I sneak that extra piece of chocolate after dinner. This blog is about being real, about sharing the daily struggles of life, keeping accountable to work toward goals, but most importantly, live a life that I love and being able to share that with others.

Thanks for reading,

Katherine x

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