8 tips for staying healthy while travelling

Travelling can be like medicine for the mind, body and spirit, but it can be difficult to keep up with your usual routines. You leave behind your everyday life and it can be easy to forget about healthy eating and exercise. Trying new foods while exploring new places is such an important part of the experience. But it is so important to make sure you are taking care of your body.

Here are 8 of my tips for staying healthy while you are travelling:

img_20170710_114145.jpg1. Drink plenty of water
We all know how important it is to keep hydrated. But with all the fun and adventures that come with travel, it can be easy to forget. One of the easiest ways to make sure you stay hydrated, is to take a water bottle with you. I have a 750mL S’well bottle that I take with me everywhere. It is stainless steel so no plastic and is insulated so keeps hot water hot and cold water cold, ideal!

There are also water fountains in most airports making it easy to fill up before a flight, as it is so important to stay hydrated when flying.

When you are out and about and in the sun all day, you can fill up in your accommodation before heading out exploring. Remember to always check the water quality before drinking tap water and its helpful to have water purification tablets for when in doubt. By taking a water bottle with you, you will save money and it also saves plastic!

2. Multi-vitamins and probiotics
If you take multi-vitamins be sure to take these with you. Travelling can be hard on the body, particularly when you aren’t eating as you would normally and you have to adjust to new time zones. Make sure you take a good quality multi-vitamin, as this will help build your immune system and give you energy.

Taking a probiotic while travelling can be very beneficial. Probiotics can help protect the immune system and keep you healthy with all the changes you are encountering. Probiotics can also help to balance the good and bad bacteria in the gut and is said to help if you get a stomach bug.

Fruit Market Vegetable Market Italy Venice Fruit

3. Be prepared – bring snacks
Before I leave on an adventure, I like to pack some lightweight snacks, such as vitamin bars, protein powder, Pic’s peanut butter slugs and anything else I know might not be found easily at my destination. This is particularly important when you have dietary requirements. 

At your destination, take the opportunity to explore local supermarkets and farmer’s markets. You will be able to pick up fresh, fruit and vegetables that are in season. If you have access to a kitchen in your accommodation, you will be able to cook up a delicious meal using local ingredients.

By packing your own snacks or lunch or preparing the occasional meal, you will save money and know what is going into your food.

tropical-beach-1454007190ZAK4. Incorporate exercise into your day
While we don’t often hit the gym when we are travelling, but don’t discount all the incidental exercise we incur while travelling. We walk around a lot more with all the exploring (especially if you get lost!). Incidental exercise is hugely underestimated by most people. 

There are many other ways you can incorporate exercise into your exploring:

  • Go on a hike and explore nature, discover new wildlife or climb a mountain for a scenic view
  • Hire a bike for a day and explore the city or hit some trails
  • Go paddle boarding or kayaking

I also like to attend a yoga class at a local studio in the evenings, I find it helps ground me when I am travelling. You can also go for a walk or run, what better way to explore a city, than a morning walk or run around some of the main sights. You will stay fit, while looking like a local. It is also great for your mind and your body, if you are travelling long-term to break a sweat every now and again!

5. Try to incorporate elements of your normal routine
It is easy to consider travel as being time off from your normal health routine, but incorporating some elements of your routine may help you feel your best while you are away. This could be:

  • Scheduling some time to meditate in the morning or evening.
  • Taking the time out to read a book in a little café, watching the locals go about their day.
  • Journaling, its always nice to document the little things you experience while travelling.

6. Get plenty of sleep
Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. Your body needs to rest, you will be spending a lot of time carrying your backpack/suitcase everywhere and changing timezones a lot. You do not want to overwhelm yourself. Remember to take time out for “me time” and spontaneous adventures.

11169501_10206345135813433_2385915678239902397_o7. Unplug from technology
Some of my best adventures have been when I have had no wifi and I have allowed myself to “detox” from technology. When you spend time with people in less developed countries and realise how happy they are with their few possessions, it can serve as a reminder to unplug. We don’t often have the chance to disconnect from technology due to the demands of modern life and what better way to allow yourself some time away from your phone than while travelling.

8. Find a balance between spontaneity and planning
Half the fun of travel can be the spontaneity and the adventures that come up along the way. But having a plan will help you to feel more stress-free and make sure you have plenty of time for fun too. This can be as simple as spending some time planning what you will do the next day before you go to bed, helping you make the most of your day.

Remember to have fun and enjoy your time travelling, be grateful for the experience you are having and know it is ok to indulge occasionally!

Do you have any other tips for staying healthy while travelling?
Share them below.


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